3 things you don’t know about Sarah Bullen

1Complete this sentence: If I weren’t a harpist, I’d be…
If I were not a harpist I would have loved to be an architect. I love building projects and reimagining space.

2 The most important element of good harp technique is:
Good technique requires effortless technical ability. The challenge for harpists is work relaxation methods into actual playing.

3 What’s the best advice you can give an aspiring harpist?
My best advice for aspiring harpists is to practice with purpose and commitment. Set a clear agenda for what goals you hope to achieve within a specific time frame. As a college student, my frequent comment to friends was, “I’ve got to practice,” and basically that was the focus of my life. Practice, perform, listen. The path to success requires a single minded pursuit and willingness to sacrifice.


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