Take the Day Off!

Take the day off – you deserve it!
I know it might seem crazy to take a day off in this extra busy season, but it could be just the refresher you need, and I have some tips so you can enjoy your day guilt-free!
You can use your day to…
  1. Change those strings you’ve been meaning to change. Your next holiday performance will be so much more enjoyable!
  2. Dust or polish your harp. Why you should be the only one sparkling this season? Get into all those little crevices with a cotton swab or soft brush. Aaah…
  3. Organize your music. Make sure you have everything you need for the next few weeks at hand. No more last minute searching for that Silent Night arrangement you know you have somewhere.
  4. Make sure your stand light is working. Nothing is worse than being left in the dark.  Do you have fresh batteries for your stand light and tuner? Stock up now!
  5. Here’s an important one: take a walk! Exercise, stretch, swim. Do whatever kind of physical activity you like, just get moving. It’s not only good for your body, but it will refresh your spirit, renew your energy and that will help you play better too!
Enjoy your day off!

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