Samba, Jazz, and Love


Samba, Jazz and LoveSamba, Jazz, and Love
Cristina Braga, harp and voice, and the Modern Samba Quartet; Enja, 2013
4.25 harps

Changing the vibe entirely, I next put on the mesmerizing new disc from Brazilian harpist Cristina Braga and the Modern Samba Quartet. You get the drift of this sultry disc, Samba, Jazz and Love, from a picture of the quartet, pants rolled up, working their way through the sandy beach—Copacabana? Ipanema?—carrying the harp as if to bathe it in the air and sun that’s like nowhere else in the world. Meanwhile Cristina, dressed in her concert attire of floor-length black, arrives statuesque by boat. She’s elegant and classical—after all, Cristina is the Principal Harpist of the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre Symphony Orchestra—but her playing is filled with playfulness and as just as she promises, Brazilian soul.

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