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I just have to share the news. My ebook Kaleidoscope Practice: Focus, Finish and Play the Way You’ve Always Wanted is finally available on Amazon Kindle!

It has been out as a PDF for over a month, but it has finally made it through the Kindle process and is available on Amazon.

I’m so proud of this book. It brings together so much of what I learned from my amazing teachers, and what I learned from my equally amazing students, into a practice strategy that works for any musician.

This system doesn’t replace your regular practice. It helps you focus and direct your practice, so you spend less time on plain repetition and more time practicing in ways that will help you finish and play the piece. It’s like the difference between making sure you have the best ingredients measured precisely or actually making the cake. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the cake to the separate ingredients. And I like to be able to play a piece of music, even if it’s just for me, not just practice it.

And yes, this book is for ALL musicians, not just harpists. You can find more harp specific products on the Harp Mastery site.

Please check it out, and let me know what you think!

Ps. You can still buy the PDF if you prefer on the HarpMastery site, but I’d love you to buy direct from Kindle. (And in case those clickable links don’t work for you, I have included the full links here; just copy and paste them into your browser bar.)

Kindle page:
Harpmastery PDF:


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