New Kid on the Block


Lessons on the Job is a new series we’re launching in this issue that helps harpists navigate their harp life. From forging a relationship with a new teacher to getting your feet wet in a new job, professional harpist Grace Browning draws on her years of experience with several major orchestras to help harpists avoid common newbie pitfalls.

Tips to help you handle day one like a seasoned pro

—by Grace Browning

Whether it’s orientation at a new school, day one at a new job, first week back after vacation, the first day is always an exciting opportunity to start fresh, engage in new community, and learn from the colleagues and peers around you. As musicians, we’re often thrown into new situations without knowing a single person—cue the social anxiety! While it can be overwhelming, the first day can also be the first day of a new chapter of your life. So here’s a fool-proof guide for making your first day fierce and fabulous.

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