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The new issue of Harp Column is out, and we promise you are going to love Elizabeth Jaxon’s feature interview with Classic Celtic harpist Nikolaz Cadoret! The multi-faceted Breton describes how he discovered his true musical identity, as well as what it’s like auditioning for a job alongside your spouse.

Start the school year off right with advice for teachers and students. What pieces do Alice Giles, Ann Yeung, Joan Holland, and other star teachers love to teach? Kela Walton talked to teachers far and wide to find out for her feature article Teacher’s Pet. Working on a piece you just can’t stand? Rachel Brandwein tells how to make the best of it in her feature article Do I Have to Learn This. Plus Anne Sullivan tells how teachers can stay motivated throughout throughout the year in Fresh Start for Fall.

Also in this issue: Chicago Harp Quartet’s Catherine Litaker tells all about the ensemble’s recent Cuban Crossing tour; Sons of Serendip’s Mason Morton and other top freelancers tell how to stay engaged on the job in our Advice column; a harpist takes a harrowing gondola ride in this month’s #practicalharpist photo challenge; and bugs cause wedding havoc in another Strange But True Harp Story installment.

Reviewed in this issue: Gretchen Chell Cover’s Sketchbook of a Journey; Maeve Gilchrist’s Vignette; and Cristina Montes Mateo’s Voyage. Plus, new music for the holiday season in Here Come the Holidays.

Browse the September-October 2017 issue here.

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