Harp Column Podcast Episode 72


Welcome to Harp Column Podcasts, where we go behind the stories in Harp Column with host Kristina Finch. In this episode, we talk to harpist Rosanna Moore and composer Evan Henry featured in the January-February 2021 issue of Harp Column. For more practical harp news and information visit www.harpcolumn.com, and tune in for more podcasts taking you behind the stories in Harp Column.


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  1. As a “little old lady” who has been learning to play the harp, I find the comment that we just want to play the harp, drink tea, and gossip to be condescending. I realize that Ms. Moore didn’t wish to be offensive, but rather thought it was funny. However, for an older learner there is already ageism and such stereotypes are not helpful.

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