Harp Column Podcast Episode 59


Welcome to Harp Column Podcasts, where we go behind the stories in Harp Column with host Kristina Finch. In this episode, we talk with Harp Column Academy master teacher Maria Luisa Rayan. For more practical harp news and information visit www.harpcolumn.com, and tune in for more podcasts taking you behind the stories in Harp Column.

For me, sound is the core of my playing… and I am obsessed about sound and how to make it happen. I spend a lot of time thinking and tweaking positions and discovering how it happens, and how can it get better.


Maria Luisa Rayan’s website: https://marialuisarayan.com/

Maria Luisa Rayan’s studio at Harp Column Academy: https://harpcolumn.com/academy/maria-luisa-rayan/


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