Harp Column Podcast Episode 56


Welcome to Harp Column Podcasts, where we go behind the stories in Harp Column with host Kristina Finch. In this episode, we talk with columnists Hope Cowan and Katy Wong, featured in our September-October 2019 issue. For more practical harp news and information visit www.harpcolumn.com, and tune in for more podcasts taking you behind the stories in Harp Column.

There are times that the freelancing schedule can be kind of rough. It’s really awesome, and then sometimes its just really busy. My challenge forever is balance, but I feel really lucky to have that problem.” —Hope Cowan

“I was interning at Sony music, and that’s when it came upon me that I loved being a part of the larger side of music. So I thought ‘What are my other skills?’ Thats what led me to joining the marketing team at Arista records.” —Katy Wong


Hope Cowan’s website: hopecowanharp.com

Katy Wong’s website: katywong.com



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