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Anne Sullivan taught music theory and ear training at the Curtis Institute of Music from 1982–2002. She teaches harp at the University of Delaware and helps harpists find harp happiness at

Plan now to keep focus and motivation throughout the school year

Student Scenario #1: I know that I should be energized at the beginning of the new school year. My students come back from vacations and camps, and they are energized and motivated. I want to have that kind of enthusiasm too, but my past experience has shown that in just a few lessons, we are back in our usual routine. How can I sustain that “fresh start” feeling for my students and myself?

Student Scenario #2: I always encourage my students to pursue summer music opportunities, and I do the same. I’ve learned so many things this summer that I want to share with my students, but I’m not sure how to translate this information into steps that help my students to make progress. Sometimes it seems like these are just new diversions instead of new directions.

Summer can be a season of musical adventure and inspiration. For the more ambitious and focused students, summer is a time for learning at harp camps and masterclasses, or maybe even extra lessons. For the less driven students, summer might be a time to explore new musical styles or maybe even take a break from music study altogether.

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