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Dr. Alaina Graiser

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The SHSU harp program is comprehensive, diverse, and personalized for each student. In addition to lessons that propel technical and musical progress through varied repertoire, the weekly interactive harp class delves into harp ensemble, history, and pedagogy. Performance opportunities include multiple large ensembles, harp ensemble, chamber music, and studio performances in both the university and the community. This program trains students to create entrepreneurial harp careers.

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Music and arts degrees offered

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Music Education
  • Master of Music
  • Artist Diploma or Certificate
  • Performance Diploma or Certificate
  • Specialist Degree

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Sam Houston State University

This program is best suited for students who:

"seek a proactive approach in developing a vibrant career with the harp."

What sets this program apart from others is:

"its balanced, comprehensive approach in performance, pedagogy, and ensembles."

Students who graduate from this program go on to:

"have successful careers in music performance, education, and therapy."

The three words that best describe this school's environment are:

"focused, friendly, diverse."

SHSU provides a spacious, secure harp studio with student access to the university’s pedal harp. SHSU boasts several nationally recognized ensembles and is one of the nation’s fastest growing public universities. SHSU is conveniently located in the small city of Huntsville, Texas, which is just one hour from downtown Houston.

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