Borrowing From Others


—by Jan Jennings

Chopin transcriptions to be thankful for

Thank goodness for transcriptions. We get to play music written for other instruments—like the piano—but it is often even more difficult on the harp with two fewer fingers and many more pedals to move for accidentals. Such is the case with many Chopin etudes and compositions. Alphonse Hasselmans transcribed and published Chopin’s popular Valse op. 64, no. 1 around 1910. This version is newly edited by Anna Pasetti and published by UtOrpheus. She states in the preface that the use of accidentals was modernized, but otherwise the musical text was kept as close as possible to the original. This edition is lovely, but since pedal changes were often not included back then, Pasetti could have greatly enhanced and modernized this publication by including the frequent pedal changes. 

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