An intense harping week


I have had a very busy week, so my intended routine of writing something for the blog each Thursday was slightly disturbed. This week I had two major events, first I played with pop singer Frida Hyvönen on the Swedish Grammy Awards, and yesterday, Jonas Isaksson (guitar) and my record was finally released (a record that we have worked on for three and a half years, what a relief!).

Frida Hyvönen is a Swedish pop singer and producer with amazing ability of writing music and lyrics. I so wish all of you knew Swedish so you could hear all the amazing lyrics she has written! Here is the video from the gala.

On Friday, a record with music by Jonas Isaksson and I was released. We have played together for almost 20 years, believe it or not. Finally we have been able to make a record, which we hope soon will be followed up by a record where we play as a quartet, with bass and drums. Here is a song from the record.

Looking forward to a week much less intense, we all need both intensity and relaxation in our lives to be able to be happy and balanced, I think. So next week – all practice and relaxation!


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