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    circulus on · in reply to: Vertical Cracks on the Soundbox of an Aoyama #197479

    Fantastic. Thank you for your help.

    circulus on · in reply to: Vertical Cracks on the Soundbox of an Aoyama #197465

    Oh, I see. I thought ‘harp technician’ was the equivalent of ‘violin luthier’. Then would you happen to know how I can find a list of lever harp makers? I have been trying to find a list of the sort of people who do repairs on lever harps so that I can determine who in NJ or PA I can get to. I know there is probably at least one in NYC, but I deeply dislike driving there and do not think I can take this instrument on public transit easily.

    circulus on · in reply to: Black Spots/Holes Appeared on Harp #197167

    Thank you for the replies. I will take another look tomorrow morning, but I feel mostly satisfied that it was “I took a closer look than I have in the past” and not “I picked up horrible wood-boring insects and mold”. I did initially think that the dark places all might have been there already and I did not notice before. It is just that Taiwan was very humid, particularly just before the typhoon, and perhaps my imagination ran off with my uneasiness.

    I might take a few more pictures from a different angle or of other dark spots, just to really, really make sure, but I feel considerably less worried. I really appreciate your responses.

    circulus on · in reply to: Questions About Camac Mélusine with Carbon Soundboard #194097

    Biagio, I was hoping to buy used as I would be able to get a little more for the same amount of money. I have been watching CL and Ebay for the used harps, but I suppose I should look into harp teachers and harpists in NJ and NYC who are selling their old instruments. I am sure no one established would want to risk their reputation by selling a harp with existing or potential issues without disclosure.

    I would be willing to spend up to $3000, but I am not very excited about that. I do intend to buy a mostly levered or fully levered harp if cost allows.

    I do not intend to take harp lessons unless I suspect my posture is off. I play the zither already, so I am not expecting great difficulty.

    I will be playing mostly piano music and music I already play on the violin, so both classical and a little traditional folk. I realize that classical repertoire requires a pedal harp because of the accidentals, but I do not want a pedal harp because it will be considerably more expensive, will be heavier and harder for me move around, and will probably make my music room too crowded. I already have to move everything but my cello and zither under the piano when I give lessons!

    wil-weten, if you happen to find the article, I would be very interested in reading it and knowing why Camac changed from carbon soundboards to spruce soundboards.

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