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Kim Robertson’s Studio

Kim Robertson

We’re excited to welcome iconic Celtic harpist Kim Robertson to Harp Column Academy!

A household name in Celtic harp, Kim Robertson travels the world performing and teaching with her trademark fun and easy-going style.

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Kim Robertson’s Technique Lessons

Celtic Rhythms

Learn the difference between an air, a jig, a hornpipe, and a reel as Kim Robertson describes basic Celtic rhythms.

Chord Vamps

Learn Kim Robertson's technique for adding chord vamps.


Learn how to create left-hand "drones" to embellish your own arrangements.

Heartbeat Rhythm

Learn how to produce Kim Robertson's "heartbeat rhythm" for improvisation.

Wonder Thumb

Learn how to play Kim Robertson's "wonder thumb" left-hand technique. This technique works well with drones.

Kim Robertson’s Repertoire Lessons

Breton Lullaby

Learn how to play Kim Robertson's arrangement of the traditional French folk tune Breton Lullaby.

Forget Not the Angels

Learn how to play Kim Robertson's version of the traditional Irish Air "Forget Not the Angels."


Learn how to play the American folk tune "Shenandoah."

The Kitten

Learn how to play "The Kitten," a traditional Irish slip jig.


Learn how to play the folk tune "Vals," by Vidar Skrede.

Kim Robertson

About Kim Robertson

Kim Robertson is a renowned performer, arranger, and recording artist who has stretched the boundaries of the harp for a new generation of performers and audiences. As a pioneer in the American folk harp movement, she combines an improvisational spirit with a passionate sense of tradition, bringing a contemporary touch to a centuries-old instrument.

Born in Wisconsin, Kim is classically trained on piano and orchestral harp. In the mid-’70s, Kim’s discovery of the Celtic harp grew into a profound love for the instrument, setting her upon the path of exploration for which she is now widely known. Kim has traveled with her harp from concert halls to grass roots folk clubs, from luxury cruise ships to remote mountaintops; she has performed concerts by candlelight, delivered singing telegrams, and played herself on an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

Kim regularly tours the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and is still recognized as one of the most popular folk harpists performing today. Her work encompasses numerous recording projects, published harp arrangements, and an international itinerary of workshops and retreats.

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