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Hand Position with Nicole Brady

Nicole Brady teaches how to build a great hand position

Tone Production with Jaymee Haefner

Jaymee Haefner teaches how to build beautiful tone.

Sitting at the Harp with Lynne Aspnes

Lynne Aspnes teaches how to sit ergonomically.

Theory, improvisation, and more

How to Arrange "Amazing Grace"—Part 1

Learn how to create basic left-hand accompaniment patterns.

Understanding Irish Style—Part 1

Gráinne Hambly explains the harp’s role in traditional Irish music.

Time Signatures—Understanding 4/4 and 6/8

Learn the difference between 4/4 and 6/8 time signatures.


Au Bord du Ruisseau—Part 1

Listen to June Han’s performance, and  learn how to play this classic by Henriette Renié.

Petite Berceuse

Listen to Isabelle Perrin’s performance, and learn how to play this classic by Alphonse Hasselmans.

Angel's Hymn

Sunita Staneslow teaches how to play “Angel’s Hymn,” by Rhett Barnwell.