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Technique Freebies

Reducing Tension

Learn Bridget's techniques for reducing tension during practice and performance

Repertoire Freebies

Baroque Flamenco—Part 5

Learn the story behind Deborah Henson-Conant's original composition "Baroque Flamenco." Visit DHC's Harp Column Academy studio for more videos on how to play this piece!

Petite Berceuse

Master teacher Isabelle Perrin shows how to play the classic "Petite Berceuse" by Alphonse Hasselmans.

Catriona’s Jig

Learn to play Maeve Gilchrist's original composition "Catriona's Jig."

Theory, Arranging, and Improvising

Celtic Rhythms

Learn the difference between an air, a jig, a hornpipe, and a reel as Kim Robertson describes basic Celtic rhythms.

Specialty Tutorials

Discussing Handel—Part 1

Listen to top audition winners discuss how to interpret and perform the first movement of Handel's Concert in B-Flat Major.