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A Ceremony of Carols

with Lynne Aspnes

“Every year at some point in the fall, harpists’ thoughts turn to Benjamin Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols. These videos show how to approach learning each individual movement and preparing the piece, so that at the first rehearsal with the choir, you are ready to support the work that the choir has done.”

Learn how to play Benjamin Britten’s iconic piece for harp and choir in Lynne Aspnes’ series on A Ceremony of Carols. Find more lessons from Lynne in her Harp Column Academy studio.

Preparation tips

If this is your first time learning A Ceremony of Carols, it’s helpful to have an understanding of the overall structure and how each movement is used within the choir. When learning the piece, movements can be prepared in any order, each one focusing on a specific harp technique skill. They can also be grouped according to how they might be approached within a choir:

Stand-alone movements

2. Wolcum Yole
6. This Little Babe
10. Deo Gracias

Additional choral movements

3. There is No Rose
5. As Dew in Aprille
8. In Freezing Winter Night

Movements with soloists

4a. That Yongë Child
4b. Balulalow
9. Spring Carol

Musically related movements

1. Procession
7. Interlude