Vancouver Symphony Orchestral Institute

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4315 Northlands Boulevard Whistler British Columbia V0N 1B0 CA

Students will be immersed in a collaborative musical environment alongside and mentored by a world-class symphony orchestra, under the direction of the VSO’s music director, Maestro Otto Tausk. The harp students will be coached by Elizabeth Volpé Bligh or the new Principal Harpist of the VSO. Opportunities include participation in the Institute Orchestra, chamber music, individual and group coachings, and a Concerto Competition.

Updated information will be coming shortly on the web site.

1 week
Application Deadline
Auditions Dec. 10, 2019 - March 11, 2020
Harp Instructors
Elizabeth Volpé Bligh, or new Principal Harpist of VSO
14-18, College
Type of Harp
Pedal harp
Harps are provided by the program
Residency Options
All participants reside overnight
Housing will be provided for students.
Financial Aid
Yes, partial scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
Working with a first-class professional orchestra and conductor in beautiful BC.
This camp is perfect for:
People who wish to become professional orchestral musicians.
Students come back year after year for our camp's:
setting at beautiful University of British Columbia, the great conductors, repertoire and coaches.
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2020 repertoire will be: Sacre du Printemps, Stravinsky, Prélude ~a l’apres-midi d’un faune, Debussy, Les Préludes, Liszt.

In addition, students may extend their time in Vancouver by applying for the University of British Columbia Chamber Orchestra Festival, featuring an elite, intimate chamber orchestra experience, opportunities for concerto performances, and intensive study for student conductors. For more info on the UBC Chamber Orchestra Festival, please visit: