Island Mountain Arts International Harp & Cello School

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We are thrilled to invite you to the 34th Annual Harp & Cello School in Wells, BC, Canada. Established in 1986, our school attracts students from all over the world. Our talented instructors teach beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses. In the mornings delve into your level specific session, and in the afternoons choose from musical topics including ensemble. Enjoy special activities like the student BBQ, instructor concert and the annual Céilidh.

Less than 1 week
Application Deadline
Early Bird Deadline June 1
Harp Instructors
Sharlene Wallace, Morag Northey and more to come
Adult, All ages
Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Type of Harp
Lever harp
Students must provide instrument—rentals are available
Residency Options
All participants reside overnight
motel, hotel, camping, dorm style
Financial Aid
Yes, partial scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
This tiny remote town is surrounded by stunning nature, making it a perfect learning holiday spot.
This camp is perfect for:
Harpists who want to delve into their craft and participate in fun activities in a unique location.
Students come back year after year for our camp's:
For the community of harping friends that they connect with every year.