International Harp Academy of Argentina

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The International Harp Academy of Argentina 2021 will take place between the 17th and 21st May and offers a customized virtual harp program. Join us next May to focus on your goals in a supportive environment and to meet and hear harpists from around the world. Our expectations for these virtual sessions are the same as if you were to attend a session in person.

All skill levels are welcome.

2022 Program Dates

May 17-21, 2021

In-person and online options for 2022
Online only
Less than 1 week, 1 week
Application Deadline
Application deadline: May 10, 2021
Harp Instructors
Marcela Mendez , Maria Luisa Rayan teachers and program directors. Guest harpists: Ramiro Enriquez, Maria Soledad Yaya
10 and under, 11-13, 14-18, College, Adult, All ages
Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Type of Harp
Pedal harp , Lever harp
Full tuition: U$S 245, Auditor: U$S 120, Day pass: U$S 50, Single session: U$S 17
Financial Aid
No scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
Come study with us in Argentina, from the comfort of your home, and practice your Spanish!
This camp is perfect for:
Harpists wanting to improve their playing, addressing technique, musicianship and musical education
Students come back year after year for our camp's:
Students love the attention to detail of the teachers, the positive and nurturing environment
More info

Besides the usual masterclass setting, this year we are offering a variety of workshops.

Marcela Mendez and Maria Luisa Rayan will lead a Pedagogy Lab, focused on participants with an interest in teaching.

Ramiro Enriquez will teach two classes; one on orchestral repertoire and another on Romantic works.

Soledad Yaya will present a seminar where she explores the various sonorous possibilities of the harp.

Marcela Mendez will interview live World Harp Congress founding member Mario Falcao.