Harp Camp VA

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Harp Camp VA takes place at the Acorn Inn, a self-contained 10 room inn in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We have a wonderful large space for classes, rehearsals and performance. All meals are provided. Begin each day with Floor Barre exercise followed by ensemble rehearsals, workshops and activities to enrich your skills and confidence. We’ll go to the lake for swimming, canoeing and a picnic. Lots more activities to be announced.

2021 Program Dates

July 2021 (dates TBD)

In-person and online options for 2021
In-person, transition to online if in-person is not possible
Less than 1 week
Application Deadline
App and deposit deadline in May (TBD)
Harp Instructors
Virginia Schweninger, Eve Watters, Howard Bryan, Kate Tamarkin, and more
11-13, 14-18
Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Type of Harp
Pedal harp , Lever harp
Students must provide instrument—rentals are available
Residency Options
Both overnight and commuting options are available
European style Inn with 10 single/double rooms, meals and performance in place. Cottage available.
$850 for tuition, room & board. All meals catered. Private lessons seperate.
Financial Aid
Yes, partial scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
We gather to relax, have fun and enjoy our harps while learning and growing our skills.
This camp is perfect for:
Learning to play in ensemble, gaining self-confidence and making friends.
Students come back year after year for our camp's:
Grow their skills, learn from exciting presenters, make new friends, visit the lake and farm again.
More info

Our classes may again include Body Mapping or Alexander Technique, Shed that Stage Fright, Masterclasses, How to Care for Your Harp, Tunes & Tales, Conducting and Our Healing Harps.

Meals provided by Basic Necessities, the world-renowned cafe (fine for special diets). Lots of private time.

If Covid is still among us – we will find a way to make Harp Camp VA accessible to those who wish to attend . . . be it at the Inn with social distancing (one person to a room instead of 2) via Zoom or some combination. I’m happy that so many of you have continued your lessons during COVID on Facetime, Zoom and in person! We also have a grant from the AHS that will help with costs for those who need it the most!