Haiku for Harp(sicle)

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Dust off those harps and Harpsicles and join in the fun!

Professional Harpist Melanie Mashner has adapted Susann McDonald’s beloved, Haiku for the Harp to fit all ages and harps.

In a fun, interactive series, easily learn how to play advanced special effects on the harp and impress your family and friends.

At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity to create their own Haiku poem and compose the music to go along with it! Treasure this experience for a lifetime.

2 weeks
Harp Instructors
Melanie Mashner
All ages
Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate
Type of Harp
Pedal harp , Lever harp
Students must provide instrument—rentals are not available
Suggested: $99, Minimum: $39
Financial Aid
Yes, full scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
Learn special techniques on the harp tailor-made for your harp!
This camp is perfect for:
Harpsicle Harpists, Classical and Folk Lever and Pedal Harpists
More info

Each camp day campers will meet for two 45-minute sessions with their counselors and fellow campers with a 10-minute break between parts. Campers can also attend other activities on Lessonface that will be just for campers, including a talent show.

All Ages (Different ages will be divided into groups)

Beginners: Materials Provided

More Advanced/Intermediate Harpists may be interested to purchase Haiku for the Harp, by Susann McDonald (available from harp.com).


Newly appointed as the Principal Harpist of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Lessonface instructor Melanie Mashner is passionate about bringing joy to the people around her through music. Melanie was a Graduate Assistant Instructor for the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music for the past two years, where she has worked and studied with renowned international concert artists in the United States and abroad. Melanie holds a Master of Music, Performer’s Certificate, and Bachelor of Music degree from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. She maintains a private harp, piano, and cello studio. During her time as director of the 2019 11th USA International Harp Competition’s educational outreach program, Melanie is proud to have brought music education to over 1,800 children and adults across Indiana.