Elyrica Summer Harp Program

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Elyrica is a fun, intensive, non-competitive experience for all ages and levels, focused on ensembles.  We have kids and adults, with varied music chosen for each participant and sent ahead.  This is our 23rd year and we look forward to being in person: coaching music, enjoying interactive workshops, concerts, fun events, and time for visiting.  We finish with a gala concert.  Check out our amazing roster of renowned guest artists!  We have a workshop and concert only option, too.


2021 Program Dates

August 9th – 13th, 2021, from 10:00 – 3:00 each day.

In-person and online options for 2021
In-person only
1 week
Application Deadline
Early Bird: May 7th, Regular: June 15th
Harp Instructors
Wendy Kerner, Kirsten Agresta Copely, Nicolas Carter, Megan Sesma, Liza Jensen
10 and under, 11-13, 14-18, College, Adult, All ages
Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Type of Harp
Pedal harp , Lever harp
Students must provide instrument—rentals are available
Residency Options
Both overnight and commuting options are available
There are hotels close by, and we have also arranged for local hosts.
Early Bird: $550. Regular $625 Workshop and Concerts Only $200
Financial Aid
Yes, partial scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
Working intensively together on selected repertoire, our sense of community, and great instructors.
This camp is perfect for:
Older kids, teens and adults.
Students come back year after year for our camp's:
non-competitive, supportive environment, the enriching learning experience, and lasting friendships.
More info

Elyrica is open to students of all levels and ages from age 8 through adult, lever and pedal.  We always have a great group of adults, and a variety of repertoire from classical, folk, Latin, and popular.  Every year I am amazed by how much each participant learns and grows through the week.  In 2020, with our Online program, students participated from all around the northeast, the Chicago area and from Europe!   We always have wonderfully talented and dedicated faculty and guest artists to work with us, too.  Check out our stellar line up! We are excited to meet in person again this year and we hope you will join us for this year’s Elyrica program.