Ensemble Dal Niente and DePaul Summer Residency for New Music

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Ensemble Dal Niente, in collaboration with DePaul University, is announces the Summer Residency for New Music, week-long program for undergraduate level composers and performers of new music.

The program is open to graduate level composers and performers of the following instruments: flute, clarinet, piano, guitar, harp, percussion, violin, viola, and cello.


1 week
Application Deadline
April 15, 2019
Harp Instructors
Benjamin Melsky, DMA
College, Adult
Advanced, Professional
Type of Harp
Pedal harp
Harps are provided by the program
Residency Options
Both overnight and commuting options are available
Housing is available.
$985 Tuition. Housing is an additional $250
Financial Aid
No scholarships are available
What makes this camp experience unique is:
Collaborating on experimental new music with an internationally recognized contemporary music group
This camp is perfect for:
Undegrads/Grads interested in experimental new music and collaborations with musicians and composers
More info

Ensemble Dal Niente, in collaboration with DePaul University, is thrilled to announce the second week-long summer residency program for undergraduate and graduate  composers and performers of new music.

Undergraduate composers and performers are invited to work with internationally recognized Ensemble Dal Niente, DePaul composition faculty, and guest composer Hilda Paredes for a week-long residency program. Throughout the week, young composers and performers will have opportunities to collaborate on new projects, work side-by-side with Dal Niente musicians, perform in small and large ensembles, receive individualized feedback from DePaul faculty composers Osnat Netzer, Christopher Jones, and Fred Gifford, and participate in masterclasses. Participants will receive daily instruction through lessons, rehearsals, workshops and lectures. Projects realized during the residency will be performed on evening concerts.

Composition Faculty:

Hilda Paredes – Guest composer

Osnat Netzer – DePaul University

Christopher Jones – DePaul University

Fred Gifford – DePaul University

Dal Niente Performance Faculty:

Michael Lewanski – Conductor

Tara Lynn Ramsey – Violin/Viola

Constance Volk – Flute

Chris Wild – Cello

Ben Melsky – Harp

Mabel Kwan – piano

Jesse Langen – Guitar

Kyle Flens – Percussion

About Dal Niente

Ensemble Dal Niente performs new and experimental chamber music with dedication, virtuosity, and an exploratory spirit. Dal Niente’s roster of 23 musicians presents an uncommonly broad range of contemporary music, guiding listeners towards music that transforms existing ideas and subverts convention. Audiences coming to Dal Niente shows can expect distinctive productions—from fully staged operas to multimedia spectacles to intimate solo performances—that are curated to pique curiosity and connect art, culture, and people.

Now in its second decade, Ensemble Dal Niente has performed concerts across Europe and the Americas, including  appearances at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; The Foro Internacional de Música Nueva in Mexico City; Walt Disney Concert Hall for the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Noon to Midnight Festival; Radialsystem, Berlin; MusicArte Festival in Panama City; The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Darmstadt Summer Courses in Germany, where it was the first-ever ensemble to win the Kranichstein prize for interpretation in 2012. Dal Niente is also the 2019 recipient of the Fromm Music Foundation Prize.

The group has recordings available on the New World, New Amsterdam, New Focus, Navona, Parlour Tapes+, and Carrier labels; has held residencies at The University of Chicago, Harvard University, Stanford University, Brown University, Brandeis University, and Northwestern University, among others; and collaborated with a wide range of composers, from Enno Poppe to George Lewis to Erin Gee to Greg Saunier and Deerhoof.

The ensemble’s name, Dal Niente (“from nothing” in Italian), is a tribute to Helmut Lachenmann’s Dal niente (Interieur III), a work that upended traditional conceptions of instrumental technique; and also a reference to the group’s humble beginnings in 2004.