Welcome Afghan Press!

We’re thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Afghan Press, the newest publisher to join us at Harp Column Music! Afghan represents many of today’s leading harp sheet music contributors (especially for lever harp) including Kathryn Cater and Kim Robertson, who are the first Afghan artists to appear here on HCM. Look for even more Afghan Press titles coming soon!

Kathryn Cater’s music is mostly for solo lever harp, but she also has pieces for two harps along with harp and flute, clarinet, and violin. Her whimsical compositions are inspired by nature and also make great teaching pieces. We are especially fond of Soaring Strings, which includes her solo “Seagull” that Sunita Staneslow teaches in her studio at Harp Column Academy. Scroll through Kathryn’s music right here:

Music by Kathryn Cater

New from Kim Robertson


Kim Robertson’s “Dance of the Lambs” solo along with her Searching for Lambs collection are both published by Afghan Press. Searching for Lambs includes 13 arrangements of traditional tunes, plus the original composition “Maya’s Return,” for solo lever or pedal harp.  Check it out now:


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