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Get to know Harp Column Music artist Sharone Stevenson! Sharone joined our roster several months ago with her collection of harp solo and ensemble works written especially for use in harp therapy settings. We asked her to tell us more about what inspires her.

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Can you give us some background or details about any of the works you have listed on Harp Column Music?

Yes! One of the most sensitive pieces that resonates with every human being, is called “Open Your Wings and Fly.” It is based on the questions we all have at times when searching for “Who am I? Where am I going?” I first heard it in my mind as three parts – A Song – A Dance – A Harp. The song is inspiring and helps everyone to know what to do when those heartfelt questions arise in one’s mind. It can be performed several ways. Firstly, for a harpist with a classically trained voice who can accompany herself on the harp, and secondly to have the harpist accompany a young lady who is professionally trained in ballet or interpretive dance, expressing the words through movement. I imagined it being sung on a talent show! This is a song that everyone should sing, either to oneself or aloud. It has helped me many times when needing some reassurance that all is well.

What’s the composition you’re most proud of?

That is very difficult to answer as each piece I compose becomes a favorite. The one I play the most is “Angel of the Dawn” from my album Healing Harmony – Essence of Joy. It is also available as a solo. It was the first piece I wrote for the lever harp. I play it first thing in the morning the minute I get up. It starts the day with a wonderful feeling. (No, we don’t drink coffee!) My husband likes to start his day hearing it resonate throughout our home.

What kind of music do you like to compose?

I never know when I am going to compose. Suddenly I will hear the music in my head, and then sit in silence while it downloads. When completed, I’ll take out some manuscript paper and write out the basic melody. I’ll also make notes of the overall feeling of the inspiration I am receiving. Then I go to my harp and try out the simplest sounds of the melody, and it all begins to take form. With most of my music I always want to align it to a poem I’ve written. For the cover page I place an original piece of my art. I just let inspiration take over and know that without this inner creative part of me, I could not do it. There is something very spiritual and uplifting about it. I just come alive with a joy and an inner peace. I am so grateful for being privileged to receive this inspiring original music from another realm unseen, but truly felt.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Sometimes during meditation, or maybe sitting in the garden, looking up at big white fluffy clouds floating across the blue sky, and the salty fragrance of the ocean gently teasing my nostrils. There is no particular time, but I am always inspired and uplifted by the beauty of nature, and the immensity of the universe.

What do you do when you’re not being a musician?

The top of the list is being a loving wife to my husband of 41 years. I like to make healthy organic meals—a passion of mine. The next one is driving our Mustang GT Convertible with the top open and the wind blowing through my hair as we drive through the most beautiful part of this world—the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. We both like walking on the beach, and watching the most incredible sunsets from Davis Bay. All are awe inspiring! I love peace, quiet, and harmony, and often am just a little bit of a recluse. I am a Gemini, and a “9” life path.

What else would you like people to know about your music?

My harp music suits all ages, all skin colors, all nationalities, all shapes and sizes, from the more advanced beginner to anyone beyond that, who loves to play harp music. I want to explain why my music is based under the heading of “Healing Harmony.” My reason for writing this type of music is that I deeply feel that this wonderful planet, on which we all live, is dangerously in need of healing. And even though my music is perfect for many different settings where healing and peace are needed, my dream is so much broader. In my heart I believe that the innate beauty of the harp resonates with the universe and creates a powerful healing ambience, and lifts the spirit of those who play it, as well as those who listen to it – arousing the spark of life within us all. Our planet needs all the love we can give. Through the power of our music, let us create “Healing Harmony” and peace for us all.

Read more about Sharone Stevenson at her website


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