Tiger Skin Rug Suite


Hannah Haynes’ Tiger Skin Rug Suite is for two lever or pedal harps and clarinet. An optional voice part is also included. This fun four-movement work was commissioned by the author, Joan Haig in 2021. On the piece, Haynes says the music “depicts scenes from Haig’s Carnegie-nominated debut novel for children, Tiger Skin Rug, which is published in the UK by Cranachan.”

This piece is available as a PDF download in the following combinations:

  • Complete set: $20.00
    (Includes score and all parts).
  • Harp 1 only: $6.50
  • Harp 2 only: $6.50
  • Clarinet only: $6.50
  • Voice only: $2.00

Pages to print: Score is 17 pgs, parts are 1-9 pgs.

Duration: 8:00

Note: This piece is formatted for A4 paper size; use the settings in your printer dialog box to get the best fit for your paper size.