Japanese Folksongs for the Smaller Harp


Deborah Dahl Shanks’ Japanese Folksongs for the Smaller Harp  includes 21 Japanese folk songs for lever or pedal harp, originating from the Koto literature tradition  Some of the songs include both a beginner and an intermediate version; all songs have been adapted and designed for the 26-27 string lever harp with one octave below middle C. Included are:

“Cherry Blossoms”
“A Parasol with Paintings”
“A Desert in Moon Night”
“Red Shoes”
“Seven Babies of Crow”
“The Moon”
“A Ball and a King”
“A Doll who Keeps”
“A Monkey in a Mountain”
“A Pony”
“Blacksmith in a Village”
“Festival for Little Girls”
“Mice are Going to Move Rice Box”
“School of Small Fish”
“Japanese Waltz”
“Let’s Go Home”
“Sheep Fast Asleep” (“Hitsuji Wa Nemureri”)

This collections is available as a PDF download for $20.00.

Length: 37 pgs.