The Frog Prince, or Faithful Henry


Alyssa Reit’s adaptation of The Frog Prince, or Faithful Henry, is a production for pedal harp, storyteller, and three actors. This version of the classic story from the Brothers Grimm will appeal to all ages. The set includes harp score (with full text), a storyteller score, and a script with notes for three actors and director. “This version is as was performed by the theater company Singing Harp at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2004, at which the harpist also played the storyteller,” says Alyssa Reit.

This PDF download is sold as a complete set for $60.00
(Includes harp score, storyteller part, script and notes for three actors and director, Introduction, and Story-study Exercises.)

Length: Score with harp part is 28 pgs.; Storyteller part is 17 pgs.; Script and Notes are 11 pgs.; Introduction is 5 pgs.; Story-study Exercises are 3 pgs.

Duration: 35–40 mins.