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My mission as an educator is to provide a safe, consistent and structured learning environment where students can develop their full potential and discover their unique voice on the harp.

Amber Burdick

Amber has a positive, encouraging and methodical teaching style. Amber has experience teaching people of all ages, from small children to seniors.  She also can prep student harpists for the college audition process and for high school/college orchestral auditions.


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My aim is to excite learning by using the harp as a tool to harness focus, dedication, and expression. Whether working on Bach or Beyonce, I’m excited about taking my students to the next level in their love of the harp. My personal instruction is matched with flexible curriculum for beginning to advanced harpists from ages 4 to 94 and beyond.


Anne Roos focuses on proper hand technique, sight-reading skills, improvisation skills, music theory, repertoire building (learning Celtic, Classical, Folk, and all kinds of tunes), arranging music for the harp, accompaniment skills, performance skills, recording skills, and much more. She holds recitals and extra theory classes for her students, plus the opportunity for improvising with other instrumentalists.


Please look at the homepage of the harpACademy:


i’m happy to teach cross-strung harp, if you can’t find more qualified teacher. i play 7+5, but i could also teach 6+6 if necessary. i’m classical pianist by training, but i’m open to other genres. in the past, i was church pianist, and i taught piano lessons. i organized concerts & performed on stage with music students, but my degrees are actually non·music: math (PhD), women’s studies (grad certificate), physics (BA).

I aim to let you enjoy the beauty of playing the harp! Most of my lessons are based out of my home studio and/or school in Augusta; however, I can also do some Skype lessons. All beginner and intermediate students welcome. I teach based on your goals to help you achieve what success will be for you!

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I emphasize a healthy mindset, effective practice habits, and proper technique in order to provide each student the foundation they need for a lifetime of harp playing. With younger students, I also focus on developing confidence and critical thinking through learning and performing music.


Mercer University’s Harp professor and private harp instructor for all of Middle Georgia, with students from all over the state.  Director of the Middle Georgia Harp Ensemble and harp coach for the Macon Symphony Youth Orchestra.  Students range in age from 4-adult.   Special needs students are welcome.

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