Zoe Vandermeer

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Zoe Vandermeer, Soprano, Welsh Harp, Celtic Harp.jpg

Lessons in lever harp and historical harps are designed to meet the needs of the student.

Bachelor of Music Education
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
Studio of Vocal Arts
Type of harp
Skype Lessons
Classical, Folk/Celtic
Ages and Levels
Beginners welcome, Adults welcome, No piano background required
Private Studio, Student's Home
More Info

Zoe Vandermeer is a prize-winning graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and performs internationally.  Venues include the Glasgow International Early Music Festival, HarpCon2003, Somerset Harp Festival 2015, American Harp Society Summer Institute 2015, American Harp Society Conference 2016, International Festival de Deia Spain, Historical Harp Society Conference 2014, and elsewhere.  Her solo voice/baroque harp album ‘Angel’s Wine, the Songs of John Dowland’ won Second Place for Best Classical Album by JPF in 2002, and the CD received a favorable review by the UK Lute Society Journal.  Ms. Vandermeer plays both Celtic harp and historical triple harps.   An opera singer, composer, and songwriter, she works with students in a variety of areas, all centering around the harp.

Zoe Vandermeer, Soprano, Welsh Harp, Celtic Harp.jpg 6 years ago
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