Rebecca Anstine Smith

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My goal is to provide each student, whether a child or adult, beginner or advanced, with a solid technical and musical background.  Instruction at lessons is geared to teach the student how to practice and also enrich his playing with theory and other musical background information.  While I consider myself quite serious about what I do, I also like to have fun and try to create that environment at every lesson.

Bachelor of Arts, Master of Music in Harp Performance
Dickinson College, magan cum laude, music and French, The Peabody Conservatory of Music
St. Mary's College of Maryland, Anne Arundel Community College
Type of harp
Skype Lessons
Classical, Folk/Celtic
Ages and Levels
Beginners welcome, Adults welcome, No piano background required
Private Studio, College or University, Local school or pre-college music school, Summer Program
More Info

In addition to my private home studio in Crofton, I also offer lessons in Stevensville, Maryland in the choir room of a wonderful church.

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