Marcia Dickstein

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My approach to teaching is different from many other harp teachers. I don’t believe there is a “correct” way of playing the harp.  I try to build on the individual strengths of each student and emphasize both a knowledge of theory as well as a strong foundation in basic technique. If you have a solid basis you can do anything.

Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance, Master of Music in Harp Performance
University of Southern California
Westmont College, Santa Barbara, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Type of harp
Pedal, Lever
Skype Lessons
Classical, Folk/Celtic
Ages and Levels
Beginners welcome, Adults welcome, No piano background required
Private Studio, College or University
More Info

I work with beginning children to seniors to advanced college level and professionals. I was awarded 2016 Teacher of the Year by the American String Teachers Association, Los Angeles. Due to my experience with The Debussy Trio, I also coach chamber music and ensembles of all types

Marcia at Harp.png 4 years ago
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