Hope Cowan

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My goal for my students is that they develop a solid technical foundation, expressive musicality, and the ability to share their love of music with others.  I also want my students to experience the satisfaction that comes from achieving their goals through consistent and disciplined practice.  I teach students of all ages, and tailor my lessons to fit each individual’s personality, goals, and needs.

Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance, Master of Music in Harp Performance
BM University of Houston, MM Rice University
University of St. Thomas Preparatory School, Houston Summer Harp Festival, Houston Youth Symphony
Type of harp
Pedal, Lever
Skype Lessons
Classical, Folk/Celtic
Ages and Levels
Beginners welcome, Adults welcome
Private Studio, Local school or pre-college music school, Summer Program
More Info

I currently teach in two locations: my home in Katy, TX and through the preparatory school at the University of St. Thomas located in the Montrose district of Houston.  My teaching days and hours vary depending on student needs and availability. Please contact me to schedule a trial lesson and discuss possible lesson times and rates.

I believe the best way to get better at performing is to practice performing! For school age students I organize at least one recital a year.  Additionally, I frequently set up outreach performance opportunities in local nursing homes, hospitals, and churches.  These performances not only help you gain performance practice and confidence but also help bring music to our community.  I also provide information about local and national competitions, summer camps, and youth orchestras for interested students.  I serve as a harp coach for the Houston Youth Symphony.

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