Holly Avesian

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Passionate about teaching harp to students of all ages and abilities on lever or pedal harp. My  studio includes students from very young to young at heart. One on one instruction ensures your lessons are customized to fit the individual goals and progress of each student. The creative outlet and beauty of making music are so rewarding. A variety of teaching tools achieve our goals including traditional style, Suzuki, ensemble/duet playing, strong basic technique and healthy ergonomics.

Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance, Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Music in Harp Performance, Master of Music Education, Suzuki Certification
University of Michigan BMed, MM
Type of harp
Pedal, Lever
Skype Lessons
Classical, Folk/Celtic, Jazz/Pop
Ages and Levels
Beginners welcome, Adults welcome, No piano background required
Private Studio
More Info

The harp studio has multiple harps of all sizes available for the students use during lessons and to get started on.  Holly’s background includes Music Education degrees from University of Michigan and ongoing teacher training. She is a long time member of American String Teachers Association and the Music Teachers Association of which she served on a regional Executive Board and chaired the Strings Concerto Competitions.


School aged students are encouraged to participate in their school or youth ensembles and Holly regularly writes and arranges parts for them. All students are introduced to a wide repertoire of musical styles.


Are you a curious adult?
Often half of my studio has been comprised of adult students many of whom started harp in their adult years. A number of them took it up as they approached retirement and have loved every minute of it.  They play together and experience attending adult only workshops and conferences. Beginning in the Middle has been a favorite for adults. Do you live in the Lowcountry area and want to talk a few trial lesson and try it out? Go for it!

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