beth chen

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i’m happy to teach cross-strung harp, if you can’t find more qualified teacher. i play 7+5, but i could also teach 6+6 if necessary. i’m classical pianist by training, but i’m open to other genres. in the past, i was church pianist, and i taught piano lessons. i organized concerts & performed on stage with music students, but my degrees are actually non·music: math (PhD), women’s studies (grad certificate), physics (BA).

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Beginners welcome, Adults welcome, No piano background required
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cross·strung harp is very different instrument from single·strung harp, thus technique will be very different also (some harpists might say «unconventional»). you will need to use both thumb-over & thumb-under, in order to access both upper & lower strings. sometimes your hand will be upright, or rotated, or even up·side·down. any chord/arpeggio/scale might have several possible fingerings. you need to get comfortable with all of them in your toolbox, in order to choose the optimal fingering (which depends on context: what comes before & after in the music).

as teacher, i take pedagogy very seriously. so of course, i expect similar level of commitment from students. length of lesson is naturally related to amount of progress you make, which is directly proportional to how effectively/efficiently you practice. syllabus depends on your background (coming from piano, or level/pedal harp, or true beginner). for me, teaching is not about $. rather, it’s about helping those students who are truly interested & eager to learn.

online lessons only (facetime, skype, etc) during covid·19 epidemic. my iPhone filters unknown numbers, so please text or e·mail to establish contact.