Alison Attar

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My mission as an educator is to provide a safe, consistent and structured learning environment where students can develop their full potential and discover their unique voice on the harp.

Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance, Master of Music in Harp Performance, Doctorate of Music in Harp Performance, Other undergraduate arts degree
Northwestern University
Chicago Harp Ensemble, Midwest Young Artists, private studio
Type of harp
Pedal, Lever
Ages and Levels
Beginners welcome, Adults welcome, No piano background required
Private Studio
More Info

I have maintained a small, private teaching studio for over 25 years.  I teach men and women of all ages and abilities, offering private lessons, as well as individual and ensemble coachings.  Lessons focus on the fundamentals of technique and core repertoire; curriculum is tailored to each student’s individual interests.  My students find me to be warm, engaging, enthusiastic and genuine.  I strive to challenge and support my students, and to provide the highest level of teaching.  This is crucial to my students’ success in their continued education and careers, as well as their sense of personal enrichment.

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