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2017 harp promo#1-2871.jpg
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I encourage students to become their own teacher through self guidance and objectivity.

A primary focus is observing and implementing relaxed hand position. Our hands are our only tools. We have no hammers, keys or mallets!

I ask students to apply analytical skills, such as identifying patterns and chords, so that musical understanding and balance are essential to performance preparation.

I believe in developing objectivity and realistic expectations through recording and listening.

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Jessica Frost-Ballas.jpg
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Jessica structures lessons around the specific goals of each individual student.  Lessons will include thorough instruction in harp technique, repertoire, musicianship, practice techniques, music theory, harp maintenance, sight-reading, rhythm training, and ensemble work.  Students participate in group lessons and ensembles so that they can perform with other students and learn to listen with a critical and musical ear.  Students give two recitals a year.

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My harp curriculum consists of a comprehensive plan tailored to the needs of each student, including technical exercises, graduated solos, harp ensemble, performance practice, music theory, and harp history. Orchestra training, and audition and competition preparation are available for advanced students. I have a limited number of rental harps available, and can also provide guidance in renting or purchasing an instrument. I believe that everyone can learn the harp if given the right tools.

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