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My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that each student is an individual, and should be encouraged in this way. Just as no two harpists’ hands are shaped identically, each student has individual technical and musical talents and needs. Additionally, I aim to teach the “whole harpist,” including physical and mental strategies in addition to those which are musical and technical.  My teaching is a fusion of several approaches and styles.


My passion is to help students play the harp as musically, beautifully, effortlessly and efficiently as possible with the goal that they are to become their own teachers.

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My goal for my students is that they develop a solid technical foundation, expressive musicality, and the ability to share their love of music with others.  I also want my students to experience the satisfaction that comes from achieving their goals through consistent and disciplined practice.  I teach students of all ages, and tailor my lessons to fit each individual’s personality, goals, and needs.


I have been fortunate to have studied with teachers who have nurtured and inspired me as a musician and person. I seek to do the same for my own students by exhibiting the values of hard work and self-discipline, both of which are essential to the development of technical skill and musicianship on any instrument.

I strive to cultivate technical expertise, correct posture, self-motivation, and sound practice habits in my students.

Harp lessons are a personal experience that requires vulnerability and openness to making mistakes. My studio is a safe space to challenge oneself and explore possibilities. Just as importantly, every student is an individual; various learning styles are accommodated and songs are selected to help nurture growth. I aim to foster a learning environment that empowers students, instilling confidence and musical purpose, and encourages them to pursue a life-long love of the harp.

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I emphasize a healthy mindset, effective practice habits, and proper technique in order to provide each student the foundation they need for a lifetime of harp playing. With younger students, I also focus on developing confidence and critical thinking through learning and performing music.


I believe that anyone can learn to play the harp and create beautiful music given a little time, training, and practice. Focusing on a personalized and enjoyable learning experience, I tailor my lessons to the needs and goals of each student. I work with students of all ages and ability levels to develop good technique, musicality, and regular practice habits. My goal is for students to develop a passion for music and playing the harp, and a love for sharing their music with others.

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Luzviminda (Minda) Keene is now teaching online and in person at her studio in the Dallas Metroplex.

Minda Keene began at the age of 25 studying harp with Patricia Pence-Sokoloff while enrolled for a piano major degree at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. “It was love at first sight and sound when I walked by the harp room on my way to the piano practice rooms. I met Patrician and signed up for harp lessons that same day!” reminisces Minda.



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