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Austin, TX, United States
My passion is to help students play the harp as musically, beautifully, effortlessly and efficien...
21791 Eveningside Lane, Lake Forest, CA, United States
Donna’s passion is sharing her love for the harp and her knowledge with others – youn...
022613Haefner 031jpgsp.jpg
415 Avenue C, Denton, TX, United States
My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that each student is an individual, and should b...
Tucson Harp Music
I focus on teaching the student not just a list of repertoire, but the skills needed for independ...
Norman, OK, United States
My goal is to help the student become a comprehensive musician through technical ability, knowled...
I believe that anyone can learn to play the harp and create beautiful music given a little time, ...
Houston, TX, United States
Katy, TX
My goal for my students is that they develop a solid technical foundation, expressive musicality,...
I love teaching students of any level and of any age, ages 3 – 90.  My goal is to help the ...
Houston, TX, United States
Houston Heights, Houston, TX, United States
Sugar Land, TX, United States
I have been fortunate to have studied with teachers who have nurtured and inspired me as a musici...
IMG_9328 (2).jpg
Tulsa, OK, United States
“My goal is for my students to feel the pure joy that the magic of music can bring….....
Houston, TX, USA
The Woodlands, TX, USA
Houston Heights, Houston, TX, USA
Harp lessons are a personal experience that requires vulnerability and openness to making mistake...
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