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Joanna Jordan December 2018

What should a teacher do? I once discovered that a teacher is one who inspires. A good teacher helps develop and enrich every student, no matter what ability they arrive with initially. I believe that every person has an unlimited capability to learn music. My purpose in teaching is to bring out the areas that are strong and to find ways to develop the areas that are challenges.

Styles I Teach:

Classical * Jazz * Rock * Blues * Folk * Pop * Hip-Hop * R & B * Urban * Country * Bluegrass

oscar salvi 2.jpg

I have studied Folk and Pedal Harp in Buenos Aires and Pedal harp with my Mentor, Marielle Nordmann. I offer private clases and courses for all level sudents and professionals (all repertoires). I have offered masterclasses in Latin and NorthAmerica, Europe and Russia. I am a professor at two different music schools and Departments. I have developed my own method and tecnique for playing the harp with focus on arm-elbow-wrist relaxation for improved sound qualtiy and long lasting careers. 


My focus is primarily Jazz on harp and ‘am happy to take students at any level. Available for online lessons. For more info, please visit my website (see link above).

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