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I teach my students to produce a beautiful, controlled tone in a manner healthy for their bodies. References to science, math, other arts disciplines, sports, even my dog become part of our lessons. Oh, and food. Our lives and the world around us inform the music we play and how we perform it. Any way I can find to connect a student to the lesson, and anything that makes the material important to the student becomes part of our learning experience.

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I teach the French method of playing, focusing on relaxation, beautiful sound, and injury-free technique.  Each student is given an individualized program based on his or her musical interests and goals. I teach all styles and levels.

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My two most recent students both won full scholarships at two major conservatories. I make harp playing simple, easy and expressive. I have successfully corrected severe tendonitis in just several weeks. I have been told that I am extremely supportive and kind. I teach orchestral playing, solo playing, concertos and chamber music. I trained with Lucile Lawrence, Alice Chalifoux, Lynne Aspnes and Kathy Kienzle. I am located near the Curtis Institute of Music.


Harp lessons are offered to students of all ages and levels.
​Lessons available in home, online or at private studio. Focus on developing technique, musicianship, music theory. Above all, focusing on music appreciation and building fast learning techniques so the student can enjoy the process as well as the outcome.

Flexible and creative approach individually tailored to each student’s needs.

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