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My specialty is helping adult women to find their voices through the harp. Some of my students have extensive backgrounds in music, with conservatory training in piano or other instruments.  Others have no training, and either way is fine.



As a teacher, Sonja believes in a very individualized approach to a student’s education.  Considering the personal experience and expectations of each student is the basis on which she builds every distinct lesson. With more than three decades of professional teaching and performing experience, she has developed the skill to connect with every level of student – child, adult, beginner, and advanced.



My Harp Tuesday video series on YouTube (100+ episodes) should give you a good idea of my teaching style 🙂 I’m passionate about helping people get better at playing the harp.

I do a lot of teaching via Skype, but if you’re located in Victoria, BC, I also teach out of my home studio. I work with all ages, types of harp, and skill levels!



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I believe in a positive learning environment to help each student achieve their personal best. I believe in starting with a strong technical foundation and good posture to prevent injury. I use the Salzedo harp method, but I borrow from other techniques when appropriate. I want my students to have a good understanding of music theory, the historical context of their repertoire, and how to practice effectively. Above all else, I believe learning and playing music should be fun!


My focus is on students playing beautiful music by paying attention to tone production, healthy movements of bones and muscles, and the elements of musicality which can be learned at any age and stage of musical development.  Students study from 5 years to 85 plus, and enjoy classical music challenges, folk music of many lands, and ensemble playing.


I expect my students to practise every day so that they can come to each lesson prepared to show progress. I focus on technique, rhythm, musicality, tone production and understanding practical theory. I teach methods of managing orchestra parts.

Joanna Jordan December 2018

What should a teacher do? I once discovered that a teacher is one who inspires. A good teacher helps develop and enrich every student, no matter what ability they arrive with initially. I believe that every person has an unlimited capability to learn music. My purpose in teaching is to bring out the areas that are strong and to find ways to develop the areas that are challenges.

Styles I Teach:

Classical * Jazz * Rock * Blues * Folk * Pop * Hip-Hop * R & B * Urban * Country * Bluegrass

Based in South-western Ontario
My teaching focuses on creating and attaining many little goals that lead to large successes and an overall joy of playing harp. Emphasis on sturdy technique enhances the sound of beginners while following the student’s lead on what music to learn. I understand that life gets busy, so I have a number of practicing strategies to help keep practice time productive and worthwhile.

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Hello! My name is Gracelyn and I am an experienced piano & harp teacher, with my ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music. I am offering private lessons in my home. I teach in a quiet, clean, and smoke free home, using a full sized lever harp. My home is located in the Richmond Hill community, which is part of the greater Toronto area of Ontario, Canada.



My focus is primarily Jazz on harp and ‘am happy to take students at any level. Available for online lessons. For more info, please visit my website (see link above).


I am an experienced educator who has taught the harp for over 20 years. I support and challenge my students to play to the best of their abilities and to help them reach their goals. I also encourage them to be creative and develop their own critical thinking in their music making.

I strive to be an inspiration and role model for my students by actively performing and engaging into harp-related events/conferences. I also provide my students with numerous performing opportunities.


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