On Carolyn Deal's hearing loss…

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    evolene_t on #217851

    Hello to all,

    I have been heartbroken to read that the harpist Carolyn Deal, who has been making free tutorials for Double-Strung harps on YouTube for a few years now, has suffered a terrible and rapid hearing loss.

    She encouraged me to reach for the double-strung and I have never looked back. She has uploaded about 80 harp tutorials that can also be used for single-strung harp, and are all clear and fun videos exploring all of the possibilities that the harp offers. Her channel is under the name “Smilingharp” and I recommend everyone to check it out, especially those that are into Celtic/New Age music, or those who want to discover the Double-Strung.
    I personally do not know her, but I have learned a lot with her tutorials and her positivity and hard work made me want to do a little bit for her!

    Water faeries

    Today, she can barely hear.
    All musicians must realise how painful it is to be unable to do what we love most. She is looking at surgery but (and I simply cannot understand the US way of doing things) she may not be able to afford it. There is a go-fund-me page for her so that she can have surgery. I will not upload the link ; my aim is not attention-grabbing but raising awareness to the issue. Many may know her work but not know of her condition yet ; perhaps others will discover her this way.
    I of course encourage anyone who would want to support her.

    Carolyn Deal

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    Sylvia on #217964

    Do you know the name of her condition?

    As for US healthcare, we don’t understand it, either.

    evolene_t on #217973

    Concerning Carolyn Deal’s condition, I’m quoting fromher GoFundMe page :

    I had a severe traumatic brain injury with brain hemorrhage in August. I remember nothing of the four days in the hospital or the three weeks after that. One of the results of the injury was that my hearing was impaired significantly.

    The funding raised enough money at the moment that she could get some form of treatment ; the update today was that she was able to hear some sounds again. Good progress and a relief!

    Sylvia on #217989

    I wonder how she had the injury…car accident?

    Alison on #218235

    When a cerebral aneurism (a bulge in the artery) bursts, the damage to the brain from blood is awful and if the patient survives, a touch and go situation, the damage or injury leaves many ‘deficits’. Prognosis is often poor and the third most common cause of maternal death meaning pre & post natal. My mother and grandmother died of this in their forties, many years after childbearing. Aortic aneurisms are also common in the abdomen causing irreversible bleeding, sudden death and both types have a hereditary factor. Affects all ages I’m afraid but in middle to old age more prevalent for both sexes. See https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-common-are-brain-aneurysms/ and https://www.bafound.org/about-brain-aneurysms/brain-aneurysm-basics/brain-aneurysm-statistics-and-facts/ I hope this is informative and you are more aware of what can happen to anyone.

    goatberryfarm2010 on #218697

    It’s been terrible to watch. Please pray for Carolyn & donate, if you can.
    As for aneurysms … I lost my Dad & an aunt to one on the descending aorta. I’m free of it, thank God.
    Such things take many who have no inkling they are at risk.

    goatberryfarm2010 on #219638

    I’m just bumping this post. Your generosity, & those of others, has helped Carolyn find someone who is helping, however, more funding is needed.
    I’ve no connection, except that I am purchasing a harp from Carolyn. It’s just that she’s an incredible woman.

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