Response to Prokofieff Violin Concerto No. 1

Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146427

You are right; it is awkward as written at the speed that many violinists take. At number
40, I play downward sevenths, starting on the same notes as written, then in the next bar,
downward A7, B7, up B7 twice; next bar, up C7 twice, downward E7, upward F7. These
three bars repeat, then next one: downward F7, downward G7, G7, A7. Next: Same
downward A7, down B7, up B7, up B7, all starting on the same notes as written. It is
almost exactly the same as the written part, and it is so fast and covered that nobody will
know you have faked it. It sounds much, much smoother and more rhythmic this way. It
DOES require memorization, though, because of its speed.