Response to Priorities and Such

unknown-user on #88833

Good question! I suppose input from a full-time-student and part-time teacher would be quite interesting, eh? :-) Well!

Lately, I’ve really been putting a lot of effort into keeping harp on my “top” priority list. Obviously, schoolwork needs to come first, but I like to keep practicing as a close second. Dividing up my time accordingly is an important part of keeping up my harp priorities. During the school year, I need to make a concious effort to make sure I’m (at the very least) spending two hours a day at my harp. Obviously, on weekends, days off, school vacations, etc. I can put in a lot more. For instance, next week is midterms at school, so I only have 6 hours of school for the whole week, which is pretty nice. Clearly, I’ll have to be studying a great amount for the following midterms during my down-time, but I’m rather well aware practicing needs a rather significant percentage of my energy also.

As far as other activities go, I have a tendency of putting them behind harp, only since I’m more interested in progressing in harp rather than, say, tennis. I think for others, harp should fall accordingly on the student’s interest spectrum, and time should be divided up appropriately. For instance, if student “A” dreams of going to Julliard and spending the rest of his life playing harp, then harp should be the activity of foremost importance. If student “B” likes playing harp, however, finds more enjoyment in playing soccer, and wants to become a professional in that respect, then I find it appropriate to have soccer become student “B”‘s priority over harp.

It’s all in the students’ personal interests, in my opinion.

I look forward to seeing what others have to say!