Response to Corelli Giga

Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #88749

I agree with Saul to put the ornaments ahead of the beat, as written. As for the octave

stretch going into bars 6, 7 and 8, have her try the third finger instead of the second on

the last eighth note. That would make less of a stretch. The sliding ornament in bar 12 can

be made easier by taking that E in the left hand, and does not have to be slid. It could be

done as 3,1,2. The ornaments on bars 18 and 19 can be made easier by placing fingers 2

and 3 on E and G at the same time as you place the A before them. The slide works well

there, but if the student really doesn’t feel comfortable with it, she could come off on the

2nd finger instead, then hop to the thumb and third finger on the next chord.You could

also use an E# enharmonic for the second F in that figure, but it means changing the pedal

back and forth. An E# can be used to make a shorter stretch in the bar with the fermata on

the bottom line of the same page.