Nigel Keay

Thanks Andrew. It’s hard to say exactly how much that work cost to record because it’s part of a larger project to record five of my works for a CD. It’s a rather special and unique set of circumstances; it’s funded for the most part by the France/New Zealand Friendship Fund, and the idea behind that was to put (younger) musicians from both countries together to work on this project, getting to know each other through music. Here is the link to see the overall picture: CD of chamber music. Thirteen musicians participated.

The two works that I’m playing in were recorded by Andrew Levine of blumlein records (Hamburg) and the other three I recorded myself. I did the editing for all five works and Andrew is doing all the mixing and mastering for the entire CD. In terms of the soundtake for Terrestrial Mirror, that was done in a single session with Andrew’s mobile studio here in Paris.