Re: Words of Encouragement?

unknown-user on #88769

The people you’re playing with may be jerks. Harpists have a different
burden in chamber music, and other instrumentalists have expectations
that don’t necessarily match. Be prepared as a boy scout, and
especially think about playing rhythmically. Explain to them that your
arpeggiated chords finish with the beat on the top/last note ( I hope
they do). Use the rehearsal to know what to do to prepare for the next
one. I guess you were disoriented by the presence of the other players.
What piece is it? Preparation is your best insurance, and have some
pride in yourself, man. Don’t let people get you down. If you don’t
think you’re good enough, then as Simon Cowell says, “Gear up your
game!” Maybe you need to take lessons again, or more, or with a
different teacher. Maybe the piece is a little beyond your experience,
in which case it won’t be once you’ve done it. Doing something you are
unaccustomed to is difficult in itself. You have gotten good advice in
response to your post. Has it helped?