Re: Why Do We Make Mistakes?

unknown-user on #88224

I have never found study away from the harp very profitable. I can’t see developing an interpretation in a week. Playing by necessity is one thing. Why didn’t your professor know about the audition sooner? I guess being a quick study is useful for circumstances, but I only like to perform music I have lived with for a very long time. And those are the performances I like to hear. So many harpists I have listened to were not interesting and didn’t know their music in depth. They could play it with no mistakes, but no artistry. Curiously, in more recent years, I’ve seen quite a few who wring and massage their hands between pieces, and have red, swollen-looking knuckles. To me, that says too much tension, not good technique. (This is not about you, Esmeralda.) Out of all those people I heard, Emily Mitchell played very musically, with interpretation.